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A New Place to Play...

Posted on June 8, 2014 at 12:36 AM
I'm coming up two months in this position.  There have been several "surprises", but nothing that can't be handled or resolved.  But, on the other hand, I think others have been surprised at the progress we are seeing so soon.

Procedures and protocols have been established that will result in better record keeping, and better service to the community.  Senior Services will provide extra monitoring for our senior citizens living alone or with medical conditions.  Neighborhood assessments are conducted by our officers while on patrol to note any irregularities such as signs down, trash or debris, pot holes, malfunctioning street or traffic lights, etc.  Several other initiatives have begun.

I am pleased that I was able to suggest to the Town Council that we convert the unused tennis courts next to the police station into basketball courts.  I have had cameras mounted at the neighboring fire station, and the courts will be up and ready in the next few days for the children of Arnaudville.  The kids passing in front of my house are very excited to begin playing on a big court.

While some may argue that it is not the role of a Police Chief to cater to the needs of the old and the young, I see it differently.  "To Serve and Protect" means more than patrolling, writing tickets, and making arrests.  Security is sometimes just a feeling you have when you trust someone to check up on you.  Safety means that there is a safe environment for people to live in and children to play in.  When children are provided a safe, enjoyable place to play, they are less likely to be in trouble because of boredom or bad environments.

It is our duty to facilitate a safe and secure town; a town where the citizens trust their police, and where police interact and become part of the community, a friend to the elderly and to the young.

I stand by my philosophy and will continue in this direction.

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