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The choice to do the job, or not do the job...

Posted on March 19, 2014 at 1:20 AM

A beautiful, clear day.  Perfect for taking a driving test!  My 16-year old son passed with a perfect score.  A milestone in his life, and now to get a part-time job! 

It was a great day for meeting Arnaudville citizens.  I am truly impressed with so many thoughtful people and how astute they seem to be about what they want to see in a Chief of Police.  I have to conclude from the comments, questions, and suggestions that they are yearning for leadership and experience, fairness and consistency.  Of course, I hear stories, rumors, and just plain venting from some frustrated folks.  Police are not superhuman or perfect.  Mistakes will be made, but if there is solid leadership and good principles applied, generally, the public will support its department.  The Chief must be someone who does not collapse under pressure, does not shy away from controversy, and will apply the law with consistency.  An effective leader will pull from each employee their best; will set high standards; and will welcome suggestions and input.  It's about building a team; its about loyalty to the department; it's about respect for the citizenry.

Asked if I am elected, would I clean house - fire everyone?  This is a no brainer for me.  Absolutely NOT.  I have managed hundreds of people, and have never fired one person.  This is not to say, that some have chosen not to do the job, or not to meet the standards.  When that choice is made, we part company.  But, I would go in with no preconceived notions about anyone.  Each employee would have a fair chance to approach their jobs in professional manners and determine whether they would want to be part of a cohesive team.  My forte' is management and leadership.  Team building is job one, and if Arnaudville is ready for my kind of leadership, then I'm ready to role up my sleeves.

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